We hope as you follow along our journey you are inspired.  Simply put, the main goal of REIGN! is to remind our girls that there are no limitations to how far they can go in life.  You will hear us use one of our favorite mottos over and over again – NO CEILINGS.  We’ll use it as a hashtag on Instagram so that you don’t forget #noceilings – by the way… are you following us on IG?  The meaning and message behind NO CEILINGS is that we are raising young ladies today that do not have to shatter glass ceilings.  They are being brought up with the understanding that there are no ceilings to shatter, no glass to crash, their level of rising to the top is limitless.  Why should they believe anything different.  When girls are taught, from an early age that there is no reason for them not to succeed, they do just that, succeed.

Our program focuses on middle school girls.  We aim to stay connected through their early college days.  Middle school is a crazy time for girls (and their parents).  The pressure mounts to fit in, to be a part of the crowd, to have the most followers and likes, and of course to be noticed by the boys.  It’s life.  But now, there are so many influences that girls encounter everyday – its hard to combat them all.  From Reality TV to Social Media it’s a brand new world.  With so many mixed messages out there, we have to be diligent about making sure that the positive messages are heard as well.  That’s where REIGN! comes in.  We are building a community where girls feel safe to let their guard down, to be awkward, to be silly, to ask the hard questions, a place where being a “good girl” is celebrated and embraced.